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Question by  SuzyQ (17)

What store has the best price on a Playstation2?


Answer by  baseballlover22hotmailcom (19)

If you want to order one online like amazon they are around $99.99 for a new Playstation2 slim. But if you want a Playstation2 from a store the most reliable place is gamestop for a refurbished one it is around $50.00 also a good place for a new ps2 is wallmart or bestBuy both sell for $99.99.


Answer by  Knauf (25)

If you are looking to buy a playstation 2, I would look no further than Best Buy. At Best Buy you can get a new Playstation 2 for $99.99.


Answer by  schmitty81 (20)

This question is hard to answer without knowing where you live. Walmart has been the lowest I have seen for buying them at a store. Looking online you can purchase one for less and with accessories from Ebay.


Answer by  CELH (298)

If you need a store gamestop is the best. If you don;t mind shopping online I would check amazon and ebay.


Answer by  vinnyboy (50)

Bestbuy usually has the best pricing for Playstation 2. Since it is an outdated system, they would be selling it for a fraction of the original retail cost.

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