Question by  Clement (1453)

What sport has the best athletes?


Answer by  chins01 (70)

Gymnasts are some of the best athletes. The sport requires excellent physical condition, strength, tone, agility and flexibility. Because of the long hours of practice it can also require endurance.


Answer by  Jeanne72 (436)

i think that baseball has the best athletes because in baseball they have to endure a whole 162 game season of traveling and playing baseball, then there is a month of training camp just to stay in shape for the long season from april till october and if you win you play till you lose in november


Answer by  cb81 (613)

The sport with the best athletes surely has to be basketball. They are fast, tall, strong and athletic. Many players can slam dunk a basketball at a height of 3. 05m.


Answer by  worker9319 (62)

The sport with the best athletes is probably baseball because you have to be way athletic. This is because baseball requires a lot such as running, hitting fielding throwing you have to be in good shape to play baseball.

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