Question by  drmeehan (25)

What species are on the list of endangered parrots?

I could also use info about where these birds live.


Answer by  rawr69 (19)

Most Parrots are on the Endangered species list including the Blue-chested Parakeet from Brazil Blue-throated Macaw from Bolivia, Cuban Parrot from the Bahamas, Forbes's Parakeet from New Zealand, Glaucous Macaw from Argentina, Goffin's Cockatoo from Indonesia, Golden Parakeet from Brazil,Kakapo from New Zealand,Lear's Macaw from Brazil and most other parrots.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

The closer you get to the water in a tropical rain forest you will find a better selection of birds. The endangered ones are listed with the Humane Society. This information can be found on the internet as well as the local library. Deforestation and other human development contributes to the list.

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