Question by  DrDon (25)

What should I say in the wedding announcement for the newspaper?


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Your wedding announcement should include the names of both the bride and groom, as well as their parents name. The location, time and place of the wedding. As well as any identifiable information about the bride and groom. Make certain that you include the names of your best man and maid of honor in addition to immediate family members.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Whatever you want the public to know! Typically you'd include the names of the folks being married, where they work, perhaps where they will honeymoon and who the parents are/were. It also depends on the publication-some New York times announcements will mention individual accomplishments of the bridge and groom.


Answer by  Theresa (19)

Keep announcements simple. Include the names of both sets of parents. Maybe schools attended by both people and future plans. Above all add the date.

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