Question by  MadameC (20)

What should I know about gum disease and breastfeeding?


Answer by  mseeyore6380 (60)

When you breastfeed it lowers your calcium and vitamin D levels. So if your already prone to gum disease and are choosing to breastfeed you should make sure your diet includes extra calcuim as well as Vitamin D supplements. Make sure and visit your dentist and let him/her know that you are breastfeeding.


Answer by  muzic74 (72)

Mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies should be aware that breastfeeding can lower the amount of calcium available to the mother's bones. This condition especially affects the bone and tissue that make up the jaw and can lead to serious complications such as gum disease. To prevent this from occurring doctors recommend a diet high in calcium.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Breastfeeding is producing milk for your baby which uses up a lot of vitamin D out of your body. This could cause problems with your gums and teeth because they use a lot of vitamin D also.


Answer by  Tash382 (9)

If you have gum disease and you plan to breastfed, postpartum, Ensure that you are getting enough calcium. As the demands for milk go up from the baby, this can cause your calcium level to go down. Thus causing the speed progression of any existing gum disease. When you find out you are pregnant see a dentist!


Answer by  Mallika (449)

Gum disease is occured to teeths. To escape from this disease we should care our teeths. By brushing twice a day morning and night. We should wash our mouth after eating foods. Breast feeding never brings any disease. Morever its a deep relationship between a mother and child.

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