Question by  tcapone (26)

What should I expect as a Catholic attending a Protestant marriage ceremony?


Answer by  Ahab (87)

Generally a shorter, simpler service, with no communion, no kneeling to prayer and no genuflecting. The Lord's Prayer will be spoken rather than sung, and there are no responsorial psalms. It's less unnerving for a Catholic to attend Protestant than the other way round.


Answer by  lynn (821)

not as much pomp and circumstance. there will be less rituals. no communion will be served. the ceremoney will probably be simpler. the couple may have more freedom in the vows and how the rite of marriage is performed.


Answer by  Emr (698)

You will probably be delightfully surprised to find out that you do not have to kneel at all during the ceremony. The liturgy, otherwise, is pretty similar. Of course, it depends on the congregation. Older denominations like Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran and Presbyterian are not too dissimilar from the Catholic texts.


Answer by  mellysa (162)

If you are just attending, and not participating, you will notice at once that it will be shorter. Also, the communion will be different (if any) and it contains a lot less of the rituals but rather uses different prayers.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

A protestant marriage ceremony is much shorter. A Catholic wedding is an actual mass and takes as long as a mass does. There is no kneeling, perhaps only a brief prayer or reading and no communion. The music can be much different as it doesn't have to be "official" catholic music. Brides may have bare shoulders.

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