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Question by  jeff87 (16)

What should I do if the doctor ruptured my bladder during a c-section?


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

If you think that your doctor is at fault for your bladder ruptured, then I would suggest that you get a lawyer and file for malpractice. You should also get another doctor to go ahead to replace or place you on medication in order to fix your bladder in order to have a better health.


Answer by  mango (82)

Usually if this happens, the doctor will be able to repair it. The bladder is a muscular organ just like your uterus and during a c-section your uterus is cut open and sewn together. Your bladder will have the same procedure. You may have a foley left in.


Answer by  JustMeKC (341)

You should speak to your Doctor about how this happened and why. Its possible this was not malpractice and there was no way around it.


Answer by  BrighamMSIV (229)

If your doctor "ruptured your bladder" during a c-section, you will need to have it emergently fixed (operatively) prior to leaving the hospital, otherwise you'll be spilling urine into your peritoneal cavity, causing all sorts of problems. The first symptoms you'll noticed, of course, will be the inability to urinate despite not being catheterized.

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