Question by  Kal (35)

What should I do if my trailer tail lights do not work?


Answer by  Jonetra (66)

Check the electrical connection and ensure a good connection. If the connections is good, then check to see that there is power getting to the point of connection. This can be done with a test light or multimeter. If there is no power, then check your vehicle fuse or for any loose or cut wires.


Answer by  benchwrmr22 (20)

First you should start with the trailer light connector. Check and make sure that all of the wires are properly crimped in the harness and that the connections are good. Next I would take a multimeter and probe the individual lines for current. If there is current then your lights are bad. Change the bulbs.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Either replace them all or check your wiring. Repairing the will probably be your cheapest option however there are companies out there that sell wireless trailer lights that wont require modifying your stock wiring.


Answer by  esjmatt (16)

First, check for burnt bulbs. Second, check the connection to your vehicle's tail lights for a loose connection or any frayed wires. Finally, make sure vehicle's tail lights are functioning properly.


Answer by  smileram (22)

Hello, I have a 200 Honda Accord coupe and this is my tail light problem. When I turn on my head lights my rear lights do not turn on

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