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Question by  fsufashionista (25)

What should I do if I have no turn signals on a Dodge 3500 Ram?


Answer by  Melissa21 (84)

You should first check the fuses, then next remove the bulbs from the turn signal sockets, and check for any corrosion. Your problem may be linked to your hazard lights.


Answer by  monocogger (432)

The first thing to look at is the fuse. If the fust is blown obviously you need to replace it. If that doesn't work then you should check the relay.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

First thing to due is to check your fuses and bulbs. If none are blown, then test try testing the switch to make sure it works.


Answer by  bikerbojo (282)

First check the fuses and make sure they aren't blown. Check all bulbs to make sure they are in working order. Look for breaks in wiring harness.

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