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Question by  Franky (21)

What should I do if I have had a headache for 4 weeks?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You should definately see your doctor for a medical evaluation. This is much too long and it could be serious. You could have allergies or acute sinus problems or even a brain disorder. After your regular doctor exam he will be able to refer you to any specialists if you need one.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

First you might want to figure out what the source of the pain could be. It could be very serious (your brain) or it could be your eyes or your teeth. One of the biggest causes of headaches is teeth, but improper glasses prescriptions are another major cause. If you rule out those two, see a doctor.


Answer by  emtallison (89)

The most common cause headaches is dehydration. Caffeinated beverages are diuretics and exacerbates dehydration. Drinking more water may help this condition.


Answer by  MSwift (137)

If you have pain for more than 3 days you should seek medical care from a doctor, either at your local doctor's office, a clinic or an emergency room


Answer by  momof11 (105)

Uncommon headaches, especially headaches that last for an extended period of time is not something to fool around with. Seek professional help from your family physician or walk in clinic. It could be a symptom of an undlying condition and in most cases, the earlier detected the easier the treatment.


Answer by  meganliu (62)

If I have had a headache for 4 weeks, I would have taken some over the counter pills. If my head still hurted, I would go to some local clinic and see a docter.If it still didn't work, I would go to some bigger hospitals and see more professional doctors.


Answer by  Lornah (282)

Normal headaches do not last for more than two days. It is very clear that your head has a certain problem; it could be the brain or another part of the head. Anyway, you shouldn't have waited for four weeks before bringing this up. Please seek medical assistance and you should also consider doing a ct scan for your head.

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