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Question by  artilallonline (48)

What should I do if I got gas in my oil in my lawn mower?


Answer by  kqwik (317)

A couple of drops of gas in the oil wont hurt. If you got any more than an ounce of gas in the oil I would be concerned. I would recommend changing the oil and filter.


Answer by  kd97 (733)

If you get gasoline in your lawnmower oil, simply drain the existing oil in the mower, making sure to get all of the residual fluid out. Then, replace oil.


Answer by  Brad37 (113)

If you've got gas into the oiling system of the lawn mower you should change the oil immediately. The gas breaks down the oil when mixed, and if your engine isn't a 2 cycle, it will cause serious internal engine damage, as it wasn't designed to function in this manner.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

If it's just a little bit, you should be fine. I use a gas/ oil mixture in my snowblower and use it in my lawnmower sometimes too.


Answer by  anon15 (87)

Drain your oil out of the oil tank and replace it with fresh engine oil. This should keep the oil from igniting.

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