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Question by  Joe2009 (113)

What should I do if I cannot pull the cord to start my lawn mower?


Answer by  Dan68 (9)

Had the same problem, electric starter cord was jammed by fly wheel. Replaced th cord and it's working again. Try to check it!


Answer by  bobtehcar (50)

You can either take to a repair shop or if you want to do it yourself and save some money take off the plastic cover to your mower. You then can directly access the crankshaft of the mower. See if the pull chord is caught on anything and if it is shredded or needs replacement


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Clear any grass congestion, and put mower on flat hard surface. Be certain the blade clutch lever is held in. If cord or spring is broken, repair recoil starter.


Answer by  John42 (194)

take the spark plug out if you still can not pull the cord your motor may be siezed then you would have to take to the dealer


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You might have to get a new cord for the mower. You will need to replace the mower cord on it. Or you can take it in to have it fixed.


Answer by  mickic76 (73)

This may be any of a few different issues. First you should check to see if the blades are damaged. Another cause may be foreign material in the deck. You could try turning the blades manually, and also check the recoil and if this doesn't work, you likely have major motor issues.

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