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Question by  Mike39 (320)

What should I do about Saturn tranmission troubles?


Answer by  bikerbojo (282)

Saturns have a very complex computer as well as a plethera of sensors that control so many different things. I would not trust a Saturn to just anyone as they can do more damage than good. Take it to a reputable dealer and have the system professionally diagnosed w/their computer.


Answer by  jeffw (173)

This is tough as they do not offer after market parts accept from the dealer. I would change the fluid and filter first. Then look for a used transmission in the salvage yard next. If you have too many miles think about scrapping it.


Answer by  monocogger (432)

On most vehicles, when you start to have transmission problems the first thing you should do is change the filter and do a tranny flush.


Answer by  carfixer (243)

First check the transmission fluid if it is an automatic. Then take it to an auto parts store to have them check computer codes.

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