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Question by  answersuperhero09 (54)

What should I do about a painful back zit?


Answer by  CCAnswers (84)

Treat the back zit the same as you would treat any other acne. Apply a product containing benzoyl peroxide to kill any acne causing bacteria, then use a product containing salicylic acid to help clear up the acne.


Answer by  vitalichi (84)

First, do not touch your outbreak with dirty hands. With clean hands or a Q-tip, you can apply a drop of good quality tea tree oil, which is antibacterial, twice a day. If you sweat a lot, try to change shirts to keep the area clean and dry.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

If you can't reach it, somebody else will have to doctor it for you. It will need to be gently squeezed and a topical ointment applied. The area will have to be kept clean and it should go away with no problem. If it keeps coming back it may be a cyst.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

If the zit, or cyst is not very deep, you can put a drop of acne medication on it, just as you would if it were on your face. It is important not to try and squeeze the cyst as that might cause it to spread. If it's really deep, try seeing a dermatologist.


Answer by  JTanya (46)

First NOT squeeze it. The best treatment is to apply toothpaste (a mint flavor only) to the zit, a couple of times a day. The menthol in the toothpaste will dry and shrink the zit.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

Try seeing if you can have someone pop it for you. Make sure that whoever does washes their hands thoroughly first. Wipe the area down with some soap and water and then dry it. Pop it by applying pressure with your fingers. When popped, clean it again and cover it.


Answer by  heavensent (241)

There are treatments available over the counter like creams containing benzoyl peroxide but if you think your zit is already infected you should go to your doctor for proper treatment and prescription. Good hygiene, proper diet and healthy lifestyle is essential to control zits.

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