Question by  monica (11)

What should I consider when designing a laundry room?

How much room do I need for the actual appliances?


Answer by  Dale23 (192)

Designing a laundry room will require a large enough area to hold washer and dryer, a folding table and shelves for detergents.


Answer by  sherryk (621)

Be sure to properly ventilate dryer hook-up so that it can't cause a fire. Use plumber for water line connections. We have Elfa Wire shelves from Container store on wall above appliances for laundry soaps, with closed storage cabinets above that. Leave plenty of room to open appliance doors comfortably.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Take the measurements of the washer, dryer and sink. You will also need room to get to the drain if it gets clogged up. You would want shelves above these appliances to store washing material. Then take measurements of the width of the room. You want room enough to open the doors and room to move around.

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