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Question by  lclabr (16)

What should I consider when buying a new front door for my home?


Answer by  nidhipathak (14)

we should consider many things given below 1- the door should be made of well stable and pure wood. 2-it should have latch and lock facility. 3-the corners of door should not be sharp it may be harmful to childrens. 4-the latch should be fix in a average hight not below than 2.5 feet.


Answer by  Alison (17)

A first impression is a lasting impression. The front door of a home establishes the style of the house as well as the style of its residents. Make your front door tell others who you are and how you live. Consider color, materials, design and function. Have fun!


Answer by  karishmaarao (-4)

You should consider the quality, life and strength of the door while buying. You must also take in view the brand and price of the door. The type whether to buy wooden or steel door is to be decided. As it is front door the colour and design can be given importance.


Answer by  sheeja joy (17)

The first thing to be considered when buying a new door is the kind of wood.Go for teek,sandalwood or something of that sought as it is strong and adds to the grace and elegance of the whole house.Make sure that it has a small glass vent to see the person at the door.


Answer by  Annie59 (101)

When buying a new front door, you should consider the type of material of the door. You should also consider the color of the rest of the house and how it will match. Another item you should consider is the location of your house. Is the place you live in always cold? Is it always hot?


Answer by  Amom (701)

You'll need to measure the existing doorway and think about door type - steel, aluminum or wood. Also keep in mind the ethics, will it clash with house's style


Answer by  Prasannakumar (0)

While considering an front door to one's house, the primary consideration is safety. Then comes the life of the material and finaly the decorative effect.

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