Question by  Matt62 (36)

What ointment is best for cocker spaniels eyes?

My dog has issues with her eyes and I was told to use ointment to help out so that they will not become glued shut?


Answer by  patti (29325)

A veterinarian should determine why your dogs eyes are emitting a discharge. Very often this is a sign of infection and needs to be addressed before there is any long-term damage. Once the cause is clear, the veterinarian will prescribe an ointment and give you specific directions regarding the best and most effective ways to use it.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

I've always had good luck with Optimmune eye ointment for my dogs, but it's pretty expensive stuff. I believe the last time I purchased it, it was about $25 for a small tube.


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

Dry or sticky eyes are common in cocker spaniels and i think you should start with Optimmune ointment after taking advice from a vet, this ointment is good for dry eyes for dogs.


Answer by  Ashley68 (404)

There isn't one ointment that works best. You may shop around and find a few brands that work for you. Eye drops for your dog are also a great option, as they keep infection and other things out of your dog's eye to avoid any type of irritation. You might want to ask your vet which one he prefers.

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