Question by  cthlcmom (36)

What oils come under the category of "soft oils?"

The term is used in recipes.


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

Soft Oil is any oil that is liquid at room temperature. "Hard oils" would be solid at room temp, high in fat, and are mostly in the baking industry, including some palm and coconut oils. Hard oil is considered "inferior" and must be blended with soft oils for most recipe uses.


Answer by  Pondsi (42)

Soft oils are edible oils that are liquid at room temperature. Corn oil, sunflower seed oil, and canola oil are a few of the soft oils. The 'hard' or solid oils are considered 'bad' for heart health, because they solidify again in the heart and arteries.


Answer by  jamminjan0208 (102)

Some soft oils are as follows: Soyabean oil, sunflower seed oil, canola, rapeseed oil and corn oil. They do not harden at room temperature, and qualify as edible for recipes.

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