Question by  joe83 (68)

What makes Cristal champagne so popular?


Answer by  worker9275 (89)

As Dom Perignon became more accessible to the general public, the more expensive and less produced Cristal became in vogue for the elite. After being feature in many Rap videos it became known to the general public and considered a status symbol.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Cristal is a cheap American champagne. People only like it becuase it reminds them of soda, to true conisseurs it is trash.

posted by Anonymous
okay, you're an idiot on so many levels it isnt even funny...Cristal is made in FRANCE (THere's no such thing as an "American Champagne" only a loser who dont drink (and have NEVER drank) Cristal and lets Jay-Z dictate their life would bash it...  add a comment

Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Most recently because it is tied to the hip hop and rap cultures. Previously, due to the fact it was created for the Czar of Russia. Or it could be the fact it wasn't commercially available until 1945.

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