Question by  Esther9166 (34)

What makes a good centerpiece for weddings?


Answer by  HotWheelz (317)

I believe that a good centerpiece for weddings is anything that is creative and appealing, and can double as a wedding souvenir for attenders. This can be a picture of the bride and groom with flowers wrapped around it, or well designed place mats. Also, vases with colorful rocks and stones are nice even though it cannot double as a gift.


Answer by  npierce (13)

Cakes are always nice then no one has to serve the cake. Flowers are very traditional. I like a heart shaped mirror with tea light candles lit on top. The aumbiance is beautiful and simple. I bought these helium balloon wieghts from the dollar tree they were beautiful and inexpensive.


Answer by  Missy74 (262)

A money tree would make a good centerpiece. Have someone who can fold bills into the shape of a fan tie them with ribbon to a gold or silver tree you can buy in a craft store. Make sure someone keeps their eye on the "tree" at all times at the reception!


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Usually it is nice to go with something simple but elegant, or fun, depending on your wedding. At my wedding, we used small glass vases with some decorative rocks and floating votive candles, surrounded by a small arrangement of flowers. Candles add a degree of class and beauty to the table, as do flowers.

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