Question by  don91 (38)

What kind of sand is inside a hacky sack?

I want to try to make some hacky sacks to give to my friends.


Answer by  Peter1563 (265)

Actually many hacky sacks are filled with small plastic beads, but if you're looking to make your own any kind of sand should work equally well. If not you might try some pebbles instead.


Answer by  AWilliams (62)

Hacky Sacks, also called foot bags, are often filled with small plastic pellets. Some people, however, prefer sand as a filler. Sand Hacky Sacks are easier to stall, but the sand is often gradually lost over time. You can use beach or sandbox sand for a filler, or you can use rice as a substitute for plastic pellets.


Answer by  astrojazz (367)

This can vary greatly depending on where you buy it and what company produces it. The original hackey sacks did not contain sand but actually grains of rice. Many people prefer the rice filled hackey sacks.


Answer by  strawberrygal (49)

The sand is fine, soft, sand- the sort you would use in a reptile tank; not what you would scoop up off the beach. (Smells better, too.)

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