Question by  Katie (92)

What kind of items can I buy for Neopets?

I want to customize mine.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

You can buy paintbrushes to have them be different colors, fairies to give them different stats, and weapons so that they can fight with different powers in the battle dome. These differences may not always appear on your pet view screen though and are only visible when actively using them.


Answer by  cxcxbmx (19)

You can buy so many things from the shop to customize your neopet. First, buy new clothes for a good looking neopet. You also know that there are so many choices. Let us go to a neopian bazaar and see different things to customize your neopets. Magic shops and art centres can help you in your quest.


Answer by  manjunathak12gmailcom (26)

Armour, Beauty Supplies, Books, Clothes, Coconuts, Coins, Food, Furniture, Gardening, Map Pieces, Medicine, Merchandise, Paint Brushes, Petpets, Petpetpets, Potions etc


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

You can buy many things for your Neopet, these items range from clothing to food to even power ups used in the arena. There are also minipets you can buy.

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