Question by  Bigguy (34)

What kind of ice cream scoop is the best?

There are three or four different types.


Answer by  hartford (506)

I would recommend an ice cream scoop which is sturdy and has fewer movable components such as a one piece metal variety. The trigger style scoops are prone to breakage.


Answer by  AndrewKinsey (147)

The three types of ice cream scoops are Mechanical, Teflon, and Self-Warming. The self-warming one is the best because it uses the heat from your hand to melt it.


Answer by  JananiSivamainthan (32)

Not four but there are more in the market with advancements. But the best among them is, Norpo Nonstick Anti-freeze ice cream scoop. It is very cheap too.


Answer by  Silvia (182)

The best is the metal kind that is sort of shaped like a leaf or like a quarter slice of an orange peel. It is made of a metal that does not stick to the ice cream and lets it slide into a bowl. The ones that have a lever to release the ice cream do not work as well.

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