Question by  apsaryousuf (22)

What kind of games can you play on a graphing calculator?

I get bored in math class.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

A good quality game is snake. Can't go wrong there. Another hit that usually is right on the calculator is "block dude". I've wasted many a day playing that one.


Answer by  psyanoid (163)

There are games of various genres available to be played in graphing calculator. These games can range from simple old arcade classics like pong and astereoids to puzzle games like sudoko to RPGs like bandcamp and bleach to even first person shooter games like clones of the popular id software games doom and quake.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

First you need a cable top download them. You can play Tetris, Mario, and lots of other fun games. I get bored too.


Answer by  Sc (3)

If you have an hp graphic calculator, you have tetris o it. Just type MINEISBETTER in the equation writer environment, hit EVAL and voila. Or you can draw something using the graphics capabilities.

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