Question by  Guard1 (17)

What is the strongest over-the-counter pain killer?


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Depending on what time of pain you have Tylenol Extra Strength, 650 mg) is considered the stronger OTC medication in the U.S. For inflammatory pain Aleve is consider the best.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

The three most effective OTC pain relievers are aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil). As fas as strength or strongest, this is like comparing apples to oranges. All three are different chemically and effectiveness based on several factors. What type of pain? Severity of pain. Location of pain. None strongest.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Acetaminophen is widely known as the strongest over-the-counter pain reliever. Acetaminophen can be taken up to 1000mg at a time, every 4-6 hours. Stronger pain relievers can be requested from a physician.


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

I would say the the strongest over the counter pain medication is Aleve. You can take up to 2 aleve at a time. Aleve always works the best and it is in my opinion the strongest.


Answer by  jacqui (202)

Drugs with the active ingredient ketoprofen is the strongest OTC available to the public. However, this is for arthritic/joint pain, for headaches, fevers etc ibuprofen is better


Answer by  rasheedckd (133)

The strongest over-the-counter pain killer are Dilaudid tabs and Palladone caps. it reads around 11 in pain relief scale. doses are available from 1 mg to 4 mg in market


Answer by  Ken99 (281)

Ketoprofen is the strongest pain medicine, that is over the counter in the United States. However, it is no longer being made in an ocer the counter formula, so is very difficult to find. This leaves Ibuprofen, which is a decreased doseage form of Motrin.


Answer by  lady1 (69)

That question depends on the type of pain you're having but most over the counter drugs can be made into prescription strength by taking the equivalent amounts.


Answer by  steverino (275)

It depends on the doasage of what you take, as well as how your body responds. Many people find ibuprofen at 800mg doses (the equivalent of 1 prescription strewngth pill) , not to exceed 3200 mg /daily and only for a limited time to be quite effective. However, I personally have found 2-3 Aleve at 1 time to be better.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

Crown Royal usually works pretty well. available at most of your local OTC establishments. May be a bit expensive of a fix, and the pain typically returns 4-6 hours later.


Answer by  Anonymous

The best pain relief in over the counter form in Australia is Mercyndol - essentially 500mg paracetamol, 10mg codeine and 5mg doxylamine succinate. Unfortunately you cant get codeine in USA otc. Ask for doxylamine succinate and take with ibuprofen for migraine. Its the relaxant that works.

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