Question by  cdk (42)

What is the "Little Shop of Horrors" movie about?

Are both movies the same? There's an old one and a newer one.


Answer by  toddb212 (72)

Both movies have the same plot line - a clumsy fool nurtures a unique plant as it grows from a sprout to a full-grown man-eating beast. The fool is forced into killing people (especially those that cross him) to feed the plant, until the plant starts taking matters into its own hands (leaves).


Answer by  MarkD (39)

Both the movie created in 1960 and the remake in 1986 are in fact the same. Both have the same plot but different directors.


Answer by  kimd (150)

Both versions of the movie are the same. They are about a nerdy flower salesman who is in love with his coworker. He accidentally finds a mysterious plant that soon starts showing a taste for blood. The plant sings for its supper and the nerdy clerk starts feeding victims to it including his coworker's boyfriend.


Answer by  toottoot (192)

This movie is about a plant that needs human blood to live and grow. It becomes very dangerous to its owners.

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