Question by  codykeller (153)

What is the diameter of the earth?


Answer by  cindy2366 (224)

The diameter of the earth varies - its diameter at the equator is 12,756.32 kilometers or 7,926.41 miles However, at the poles it is 12,715.43 kilometers or 7,901.00 miles. Since the earth is 59 km or 25 miles wider than it is tall, it bulges at the equator. The earths shape is not round but geoid.


Answer by  moodindigo (12)

The diameter of the earth at the level of the equator is calculated as 12 756.2 kms or roughly 7972.63 miles.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

The diameter of earth 7,926.41 miles. That is the diameter at the equator. The diameter is just 7,901 miles at the poles. This means the earth is a little wider than it is tall.

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