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What is the correct pronunciation of "moet chandon"?


Answer by  serendip (408)

This is French, so you don't say the sound of some of the letters. For "moet" first say "mow" like "mow the lawn," then "a" the long a sound as in "mate". For "chandon", say "shan" rhymes with "man" and "don," short for "Donald". My husband says, "Always pronounce French words with an attitude. "

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Mo√ęt is a Dutch name, not French. It's pronounced "mow-ette". The company is very definitive about this.  add a comment
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No, unfortunately that answer is incorrect. While 'Moet' is commonly (and incorrectly) pronounced 'mo-aye', the correct pronunciation used by the french representatives of the brand is 'mo-et' - because while the champagne is french, Claude Moet was dutch and mo-et is the correct dutch pronunciation.  add a comment

Answer by  worker9275 (89)

Although the letter 't' is generally silent in French, it is not in the name Moet. So it is pronounced: mow-ett shawn-dawn.

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