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Question by  bobbobsson (24)

What is the best weight training bench?


Answer by  Philedupwithknowlege (384)

The Ironmaster Super Bench would probably be your best bet. This bench offers a budget friendly price and is fully adjustable for pull-ups, dips and inclines.


Answer by  johnsondamont (25)

In my opinion, the best equipment for weight training is the bowflex. I say this because of the multiple workout positions it offers with one machine.


Answer by  workoutmachine (8)

The Body Solid FID225 is the best weight training bench. It is sturdy and compact. It has 7 adjustable positions, built-in wheels for easy mobility and it folds down flat.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

While there can't be just one standard bench that works for everyone, in my personal experience I have found that the Ironmaster Super Bench is the most versatile, flexible, budget friendly bench on the market for serious weight-lifters.


Answer by  mkecir (17)

Difficult to say! It depends a lot which use you have in mind! If you simply want to work out at home, most entry level products will be sufficient. For use in a gym with several users you should check how resistant the bench is.


Answer by  MEME17 (23)

In my personal opinion, the best bench would be one that is well padded due to the weight some people can handle while exercising, also it must be narrow enough to allow full arm movement.


Answer by  ringneck (394)

The best product would be one that has numerous adjustment options so a variety of exercises could be performed. You should also look for safety features.

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