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Question by  DNatureofDTrain (20)

What is the best way to raise your verbal score on the SAT?

I did not score as well as I had hoped on my first try.


Answer by  Atticus (95)

There are several study aids available at bookstore, libraries, and online that contain exercises and lists of common SAT words. In addition, check with your counselor, as they may have books to loan or more information on local resources for you.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

You need to focus on increasing both your vocabulary and your reading comprehension. Purchasing a SAT prep book may help but just increasing your understanding of vocabulary will do wonders for your score. Focus on roots and pre/suffixes to help on educated guesses of words you do not know the definition for.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Take it slow and let it grow slowly with time sine if you put too muh pressure on yourself it will eventually be frustrating.Let you follow a onsistent patern based on your ability.


Answer by  Flavius (16)

Well nothing goes as well as possibl on the first try but you can always try studying more on the second or third try... If you decide to study for it you should be in a possibly white painted room with nothing to distract you , no sound , no bright lights , just you and the book.

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