Question by  squiffy (130)

What is the best way to learn Italian?

I want to spend a long time in Italy.


Answer by  toottoot (192)

The best way to learn Italian or any other language is to immerse yourself in the language. Watch movies, start reading the language, listen to the radio.


Answer by  Kadie (63)

Local universities may language programs that are self-study but require attendance twice weekly to practice speaking. If not available, try the Rosetta Stone programs. Though pricey, they are worth it.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

The best way to learn Italian is to take lessons. The lessons should not be of the type where you simply memorize vocabulary and verbs. The lesson should be with a teacher who is a native speaker and who will engage in conversation with you. Conversational lessons are the best.


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

Find someone a native Italian that can speak English to speak with. Preferably someone of the opposite sex, or same sex depending on how you go, befriend them, and talk with them on webcam. Tell them you want to learn Italian, and practice with them. Text them in Italian.

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