Question by  jacks83 (96)

What is the best way to kill elm tree stumps?


Answer by  Rupali (8)

Use herbicide after Cutting stumps. Don't apply the herbicide on entire cut surface, just the outer perimeter. Apply in 5 minutes after cutting. Useful only for short time. Garlon 3A is great herbicide for cut stumps. Strong solution of glyphosphate (3 parts herbicide + 2 parts water) will be effective.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

The roots have to be killed first of all. Cut a groove just inside the bark and pour Round-Up or another wood killer-full strength- into the groove. Do this shortly after tree is cut. You can also have it ground up.


Answer by  asanson (253)

There are a few different ways to kill an elm tree stump. The first step is to start drilling a bunch of holes into the stump to get your agent deep down into the tree. After the drilling there are three different agents to use. Gasoline, salt, and bleach will all get your desired effect after many days.


Answer by  flowerlady (241)

Cut the stump low to the ground and then totally cover the stump with dirt. It will rot and the soil will help fill the hole.

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