Question by  MzWilliams (66)

What is the best way to cook a yellowtail fillet?

I would like to surprise my husband and grill yellowtail tuna for him.


Answer by  expert (52)

First, only use sushi grade tuna. Marinate it in soy sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil (amount depends on your taste), then sear it quickly on both sides. Voila.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If you cook it whole put rosemary orange and lemon slices in ith along with garlic butter wrap it in tinfoils and cook it on the BBQ it will give it the smoky flavor you are looking for that way and whine it is done you can just eat and throw the rest in the garbage.


Answer by  Labowner7672 (64)

Tuna has a great texture for grilling, so I would recommend using a bbq pit or grill. Use a marinade made with some orange juice, olive oil, and pepper. Let the tuna soak in the marinade for about 30 minutes, then grill. It cooks very quick, so keep watch.


Answer by  Disneyphan (529)

I like to treat my Yellowtail Tuna like a steak. I marinate it in a little bit of Worcestershire Sauce, coating all the sides. Then, I sprinkle it with salt, fresh ground pepper, and some garlic. Grill it to your liking. I prefer mine not pink.


Answer by  THELMA (72)

I prefer to use a charcoal grill, that is the only grill I will use. I spray a piece of tin foil and place yellowtail on foil and grill.


Answer by  ask (37)

drain water from tuna,combine salt ,mustard,celery,onion,lemon juice,pepper,celery salt,in a mix bowl. spray butter on bread and toast,scoop tuna on bread,on non butter side,nutritional values fat 6. 6gr choelestral 36mg,sodium 905g,carbs 34,dietary fibre 3g,protien 18g

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