Question by  mattinatux (29)

What is the best type of grout for marble tiles?


Answer by  willywager (52)

There are numerous types of grout available for grouting tile, ranging from epoxy grout to the standard portland cement grout. The major concern should be on how big the grout joints are. Typically for anything 1/8 inch or less, non-sanded grout is recommended. For anything larger than 1/8 inch, sanded is recommended to help increase the grouts strength.


Answer by  AVijayakumar (12)

Grout is used for sealing between tiles edges. Available grout for marble tiles are Sanded grout,un-sanded grout. Sanded Grout means filler contains sand,unsanded means filler contains latex (polymer). The best type of grout for marble tiles is unsanded grout-latex but costlier than sanded grout,could be applied for small gaps,if the gap between tiles are more the cost would be more.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

Firstly, choose a color of grout that either matches the tiles (to make it harder to see) or that accentuates your tile color (to highlight it). Then make sure you choose unsanded grout. If you use a sanded variant, it could scratch the marble, leading to a patterned finish. By using unsanded, you'll end up with a better result.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

The best type of grout for marble tiles would be unsanded grout. Unsanded grout will not scratch your marble tile. You should also match the color of the grout to your marble tiles. Grout comes in alot of different colors. Seal the grout after it is cured to prevent stains, mold, and mildew.

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