guinea pigs


Question by  Anupam (77)

What is the best treatment for guinea pigs with fleas?


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Wash them in flea shampoo. Then put them and yourself in a safe location. Then flea bomb your house to get rid of fleas and eggs.


Answer by  em (201)

Ask your vet if they make aflea collar for guinea pigs; if not they may have a gel you can put on their neck which will kill the fleas.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Revolution is the best treatment for fleas on guinea pigs, however you will have to take your pig to a vet to get the proper dosage. Mites are more common on cavies, and often mistaken for fleas. Mites should be treated with ivermectin. Either way, a visit to your vet is in order, ASAP.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

When a guinea pig has been infested with fleas or mits, it is very important to find a vet that takes care of these such animals. The fleas can be spread and cause an infestation in your home. There is a certain medicine that the vet can give you. They will give you sulfate to bath the guinea pig in.

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