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Question by  worker9466 (17)

What is the best treatment for gingivitis?

My dentist mentioned that I have the onset of gingivitis and I would like to know what I can do to stop it and prevent it from happening again.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

If you're just showing signs of it, first pay extra attention to your gums when you brush your teeth. Try to find a toothpaste that claims to be good for the gums. Then, use a strong mouthwash, such as Listerine once or twice a day.


Answer by  AnnaWendt (140)

The best treatment for gingivitis is to floss daily and to see your dentist routinely (every six months). Prevention is key.


Answer by  Sticky (363)

Gingivitis is simply the inflammation of the gingival tissues (gums) due to irritation by plaque. The answer, be more meticulous in your brushing. Every part of every tooth and yes that includes flossing for those surfaces your brush doesn't reach. You can use disclosing tablets (from a chemist) to help identify areas where you're missing.


Answer by  visira779 (269)

You should use a toothpaste that has a high level of flouride. You should also, get dental surgery too. Keeping your teeth and gums clean is a way for the gingivitis to lessen as time goes on. Just plainly taking proper care of your teeth will help reduce the cause of gingivitis.

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