Question by  Kittae (60)

What is the best treatment for a child with 8 cavities?


Answer by  Scooby14 (73)

Go to the dentist and have the cavities filled before they corride the teeth. Once the child experiences getting cavities filled, their motivation to brush their teeth will increase sharply.


Answer by  Sally (103)

Cavities in the teeth should be filled by a certified dentist. In order to prevent future cavities it is important to avoid eating too many foods with high sugar content.


Answer by  ez (187)

If the cavities are small they may just be cleaned with the plaque removed and filled with a special compound. Deeper cavities will be drilled and filled with amalgam.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

If the cavities are in one tooth and it is not an adult tooth, the best treatment is to pull it. If the cavities are in multiple teeth, have the cavities filled.


Answer by  ao (54)

Take the child to a dentist who specializes in children and is gentle and who will determine if the cavities should be filled.


Answer by  mandmforever (91)

I would take your child to a great dentist that is very good and recommended by all dentists.


Answer by  salina (943)

Depending on the age of the child will determine how you will go about treatment. Usually, with children under 6 or so sedation is an alternative. The child will not be traumatized by the visist and all the work can be done at one time. I your child can handle the novicaine then that could be done.

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