Question by  mamaspeak (141)

What is the best technical college in Georgia?

I am moving to Georgia soon.


Answer by  flori (239)

I think the best and popular technical college from Georgia is TCSG (Technical College System Georgia). Have colleges located in 6 different regions.


Answer by  serene30 (32)

The best way to research technical schools is to look online and do research on technical colleges in georgia. You could also look at the statistics and reviews to determine if you can make a decision and even narrow down your choices. Also visitingc campuses will help.


Answer by  reflex (278)

The best technical college would probably be gwinnett tech or georgia technical college. Its all depends on where you live and convenient it is for you to attend this school.


Answer by  boyakivsky (43)

I heard that many European colleges opened their offices should visit the Ministry of Education of Georgia.there is an inventory and ranking of the best universities of Georgia.

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