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Question by  ExWildChild (19)

What is the best shoe for weightlifting and workouts?


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

i have broken both Nike and New Balance doing squats. there are some power lifting competitions requiring the cloth shoes like KIDS. i havent had to use them yet but it makes sense. New Balance are the best for me during regular workouts but i cant afford breaking them powerlifting


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

It depends on your goals. There are weightlifting shoes out there, but I find that the best shoes are those that provide the least amount of support and are flat, so that your supporting muscles are exercised as well. I recommend Chuck Taylor's and/or Vibram Five Fingers.


Answer by  Brian73 (90)

Any shoe that provides good arch support, like athletic running shoes, are great for working out. Wearing shoes without arch support put excess strain on your feet and could lead to problems in the future.


Answer by  ammoworker (27)

The best shoe to wear is wrestling shoes. They are close to the ground and give excellent ankle support for all types of lifting. The main feature of this shoe is heel compressibility.


Answer by  CP (232)

It depends on what kind of weightlifting you are doing. Usually just cross training shoes are the best. Although if you are doing a lot of leg lifting maybe some shoes with more ankle support like basketball shoes


Answer by  Rob40 (18)

The best shoe overall for weightlifing is a cross trainer or some other shoe that provides ankle support. Strong shoes will help minimize the risk of injury to your joints.

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