Question by  Sylar (29)

What is the best part of the Louisville Zoo?


Answer by  hugoballin (72)

I have been to the Louisville Zoo at least five times in my travels back and forth from Ohio to Tennesse. The best part to me is they have so many different attractions and animals that you can visit and look at. They have everything from lions to little baby lizards.


Answer by  Brida (102)

A real attraction there is Pangari, a cute male Koala, which has been loaned from the San Diego Zoo. Also cool is the Ayres Rock climbing wall, where you can choose from four difficulty levels and get a real but safe blast while conquering the 25 foot high wall. Another bonus is Six Flags Kingdom, just a few miles away.


Answer by  yormom (12)

Well, I have never been to the Louisvelle Zoo... So I can't really answer this question accurately... but if it is like any other zoo I'd say the monkeys are best.

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