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Question by  Zwiggle (79)

What is the best moisturizer?


Answer by  love94002 (37)

To pick the best moisturizer, it would depend on your type of skin. If you have very dry skin, I would suggest something with shea butter in the ingredients such as Palmer's. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest Aveeno as a great moisturizer.


Answer by  Sciffy (61)

African shea butter is the best moisturizer I've ever used. It works with your own cells to retain moisture, rather than just covering up like most lanolin-based moisturizers. Make sure you get the pure shea butter - it should be yellow and have a pleasant but mild odor.


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

Make sure you look for something "non-comedogenic" that won't clog pores. You need to determine what kind of skin you have-- dry, normal or oily-- and choose your moisturizer accordingly. It's also a good idea to get something with SPF to protect your delicate skin.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The best moisturizer for a person depends a lot on the skin type. Women with either dry, oily or combo skin pretty much vote Ponds as the best.

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