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Question by  IBernal001 (27)

What is the best kind of spiral perm kit to buy?

I want to give myself a spiral perm.


Answer by  worker4530 (303)

The kit for a spiral perm is the same as the one for a normal perm. What matters is how you wrap it. Get a kit that will be gentle on your hair and is appropriate for your hair texture. Bare in mind if you have color on your hair to get one specific for colored hair. Wella is good.


Answer by  amberrai11312 (73)

Ogilive is probably the best product i know of when perming your hair it is up to you what size perm rods you use. It lasted for around 10 weeks for me before my curls started to let out. It was a very nice product for sure and i would definitely recommend it.


Answer by  brittany68 (76)

Paul Mitchell makes the best perm kits. They have a low odor and they tend to hold for a long time. They do take about thirty minutes. I believe you will need the green box in order to get a spiral perm.


Answer by  cquiggles (238)

My favorite kind of spiral perm kit is from paul mitchell. It is a nice smelling perm and gentle on your hair.


Answer by  changa60 (28)

You would want a kit that will be gentle on your hair and that is right for your hair texture.

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