Question by  vatsa41 (7)

What is the best kind of Pokemon binder to get?


Answer by  UberArceus200 (97)

There are a lot of different kinds of binders but the brand I recommend most is Ultra Pro. They have a lot of different kinds of Pokemon binders that will protect your card very well.


Answer by  exect45 (117)

I believe the best Pokemon binder to get would be a Quick fit 3 inch 3 ring binder. These binders can hold a few hundred pages worth of cards, it's fairly cheap too.


Answer by  RobertScott (6)

I always had a plain 3-ring binder with baseball card display sheets for my Pokemon cards. Playing cards, from Pokemon to baseball cards, are all the same size, so this option is convenient and inexpensive.


Answer by  fhahghag (190)

Well the best ones would be to have cards of Pikachu and all of the main lightening type of Pokemons. I would say those are the best. Thus, choose the ones with the high energy levels.


Answer by  Jesse78 (139)

When I collected Pokemon Cards I used to purchase a school binder, and buy baseball card holders, with the three rings, and place them in the binder!

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