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Question by  machouno (26)

What is the best indoor antenna?


Answer by  naputnam (454)

Depends on what kind of antenna. Rabbit ears and loop? Bow tie? However most of the reviews online point to Winegard SS-3000 Amplified Indoor UHF/VHF as being the best.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

The best indoor antenna is the Philips indoor antenna.They last long and they pick up sequence from up to 20 miles away.


Answer by  seetha15 (31)

One best indoor antenna would be Winegard MS 2000. It's small, and easy to install. It can be used anywhere in the house where the TV signals are stronger.


Answer by  roxyhulagirl22 (21)

The best indoor antenna depends on the television. Since the conversion of analogue to digital you should get a converter box for analogue type television.If you have a digital tv you should be able to use any kind of antenna because the signal is transmitted through na digital signal.

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