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Question by  Vince68 (21)

What is the best HD-compatible TV?

Consider both price and performance.


Answer by  johnwritters (67)

Sony has the best quality picture available and for the price you cant beat. The Sony tv also has great tru surround sound built right into the tv. You should also buy an hdmi cable to get the best possible picture and sound. The higher the contrast ratio the better the picture will look too.


Answer by  johnnyd89 (6)

The Sony KDL46V5100 46", 1080p HDLCD TV, in my opinion, gives the best value for the price. I've owned one for about a month now and am extremely pleased with this product. Watching sports with this tv is like being at the game!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I would go with either a Sony or a Samsung. I believe that between those to the Samsung is the better one. They are pretty well priced and I have had no problem with mine. Just be sure to get 1080 resolution and don't skimp on cables.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

I think the best one is SONY. You can get a good value from your money if you buy from an ebay website or buy on a major sale such as thanksgiving.


Answer by  Roger2001 (24)

No doubts about my Sony BRAVIA HX800 TV. As Sony says "it is a new dimension of home entertainment". Beautifully designed and with a wonderful picture in Full HD 1080p, this BRAVIA has Dynamic Edge LED backlight, delivering sharp images. Sony has made an effort to provide this set with technology that allows fluid motion in fast-action scenes.


Answer by  fdworldyahoocom (7)

there are only two HD-compatible 1080 plasmas, both hitachi, the 8700 and 9700 model. the 9700 is getting great reviews and cost £999

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