Question by  Enigma (33)

What is the best foam rubber mattress?


Answer by  JHouston (24)

I just bought an Alfa Airbed and am very pleased with the quality. The memory foam is so comfortable.The price of the bed was not that bad for such a high quality bed. I bought the bed three days ago and have slept like a baby. The adjustable air chamber is a great feature that my wife loves.


Answer by  Ultimate (399)

The Best foam rubber mattress it defiantly from the Eco range they make mattress from renewable rubber and they are higher quality.


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

Temperpedic brand mattresses have proven to be a remarkable commodity with households. Laying on those mattresses feels like sleeping on cotton candy; you'll wake up fresh and happy.


Answer by  Uvindu (35)

As my opition Tempur-Pedic rubber mattress are the best foam rubber mattress. I've bought a Tempur-Pedic foam mattress and it is really better than my old foam rubber mattress. We can buy other brands for a lot less but it is just not as firm and comfortable.


Answer by  SM79 (5)

In my opinion, Dunlop's foam rubber mattress is the best. Because it has a moderate hardness and it is very durable. It is very reliable still after many years of use.


Answer by  nankunain (5)

The best foam rubber mattress would have to be the tempur-pedic mattress, it was developed for NASA how could it not be the best?


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

THe best foam rubber mattress is the Tempur Pedic. It costs anywhere from $1500 to over five thousand dollars, depending on what style, size and features you require. THere are actually Tempur Pedic beds that elevate like hospital beds, but they cost on the high end.


Answer by  emtrobstu (233)

Hands down the tempur-pedic mattress. Many have tried to copy this but the original name brand one is the best. It really is comfortable and they have a great warranty.


Answer by  epaulzy (119)

I would avoid any mattress that has foam rubber in it. They are hot to sleep on and contract various parasites.


Answer by  reddeb96701 (494)

I bought a tempur pedic foam mattress and I love it. I think it is the best one out there. My mother bought a knock off brand for a lot less but it is just not as firm and comfortable. She only used it about a year and she trashed it. I have had mine longer and love it.

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