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Question by  rajithagirish09yahooin (28)

What is the best Emo video game?


Answer by  PS3XBOX360 (112)

Heavy Rain, a PS3 exclusive, has an Emo aspect to it. It can be dark at times, but the game itself is very good and I highly recommend it.


Answer by  moviejunkie (59)

As far as Emo games go Devil May Cry has to be the best candidate for that category in my book.


Answer by  BobSmith (24)

The best Emo video-game will probably my the Devil May Cry reboot. Clearly the creator who self inserted himself in the game is a wannabe hipster that has been inspired by Emo culture. But for now its probably Prince of Persia:Warrior Within.


Answer by  Nue (6)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The main character has depressing dialogs in-between chapters. His dialogs usually tells how sad he is, why he exists, and what is wrong with the environment.


Answer by  fhahghag (190)

Well for Emo's I recommend any skater type game and I also like super mario. I'm emo and I play that all day long. It's the best and get the one for WII.


Answer by  nimn (202)

I guess the best EMO games would be a game that you cry a lot when playing it. Try closing the lights and play fatal frame in a pitch black house during a storm outside. Guaranteed you will cry and be afraid like a scared little kid. Just try it and give me some news !

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