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Question by  jstoltz (29)

What is the best EA sports game?


Answer by  Budax (7)

Definitely Fifa10, its addictive, it has different types of defensive and offensive skills. The good part, shows great detail on the characters, even the way they stand! The bad part, it needs to add more Latin American teams. The bottom line there is no better sports game in EA.


Answer by  arcadefan (75)

Tiger Woods golf is fantastic. Madden is a classic as well, truly detailed and a wonderful game. FIFA Soccer and NHL 10 are great as well. They are all very realistic sports games with a ton of options. EA seems to really do a great job with tha tsort of thing.


Answer by  meathead (16)

The best sports game made by EA hands down has to be FIFA. it;s just so well made and flows so smoothly. another great part abput that game is the skill moves you can preform


Answer by  aestella (176)

In my experience, you can not go wrong with NBA 2K10, if you're into basketball games. For football games Madden NFL 2010. For Hockey games, NHL 2K10. For soccer fans, FIFA 2010 is also great. For baseball fans, MLB 2K10 is the way to go. It has more features than its predecessors. It depends on your favorite sport.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

Thats easy John Madden football. Not only is it the best ea game its the best video game ever made in my opion.

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