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Question by  sumaya1 (97)

What is the best detective series ever?


Answer by  TSKCrazyDJWNS (25)

I like White collar, it's about a art thief who finaly gets caught by the FBI then the FBI hires him to work for them but he must wear a ancle bracelet and stay whithen like 2 blocks.


Answer by  KW29 (163)

I think the number 1 ladies detective is a good show. It has singer Jill scott and she is in Botswana. Sherlock Holmes is very popular and the movie was really good. I was actually surprised at it. It seemed very interesting. Another popular dectective would be Nacy Drew and the Hardy Boys were very popular.


Answer by  sashangeljaz (992)

My vote would be for "Homicide: Life on the Streets". It was a well-written, realistic series about the cases of the Baltimore homicide divsion. The cast was excellent included Yaphet Kotto, Andre Braugher, Reed Diamond, Daniel Baldwin, Melissa Leo, Ned Beatty, and Isabella Hoffman. The series touched on child abuse, suicide, gang life, and the related stress of the job.


Answer by  Paranoia (12)

I would say Columbo. He is a charming charachter. It's easy to get glued to the TV because of this series.


Answer by  dukespook (42)

The best detective series ever is Crime Scene Investigation Las Vegas. The show demonstrates the use of forensics to capture criminals.

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