Question by  Teaj (47)

What is the best brand of portable GPS system?

My family enjoys hiking and geo-caching.


Answer by  raufieri1 (12)

Garmin 60CSx is the way to go.. It was built and designed for geo-caching. It has a compass and also has a slot for a memory card, but also has great accuracy and also stores over 1000 caches. For some one that likes to geo-cache this is the best unit in my opinion..


Answer by  subaruwrc81 (11)

I would say Garmin by a small margin. Also look at TomTom they are very good too . Those are the top 3 brands. I have TomTom One and it works fine and is not very expensive.I would personally stay with a top brand , the off brand may or may not be reliable.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

I have a TomTom and love it. It is clear, easy to setup up and accurate. The Karmin is very easy to use as well.


Answer by  flavored (88)

The best brand would be Garmin. Garmins are very popular and user friendly. Tom-tom is ok, too, but they are a little more complicated to use.

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